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Combining the Best of Semiconductor Industry,
Nanoscience and Biotechnology

With the foresight to see the marriage of hi-tech with biotech to solve biological problems in a much more cost effective and time saving manner, Genvida was founded by the experts from the IC and nano-scale industries, and leaders in the high-throughput genomics sciences.

Genvida’s technologies and innovations are the fruits of the founding team-members’ 100+ years of combined working experience in science and engineering, and are covered by Genvida’s granted / pending patents in China, the European Union, Japan, Korea and the United States. The covered areas include sample preparation, micro-/nanofluidics architecture, solid-state nanopore fabrication, detector design, sequencing methods, system design, and bioinformatics. With this wide-ranging coverage, Genvida has created an environment that competitors cannot easily penetrate.


    • First US and PCT patents filed
    • On-wafer focusing nanopore etching discovered
    • nSeq biochip & nanoSequencer system design conceptualized
    • Secured Angel fund for development
    • Established Genvida BVI, Genvida HK and Genvida US
    • First family of patents in CN, EU, JP, KR and US granted
    • Secured Series A VC fund
    • Received investment from Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Venture Fund (ITVF)
    • Set up office and laboratory in Hong Kong Science Park
    • Designed and built nanoEtcher for 1-inch nanopore chip
    • Established picoamp measuring capability
    • Set up R&D projects with universities and research institutes in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing