The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

– Aristotle

Executives and Management

SO, Daniel (BS, MS, PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

– Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Co-founded a tech startup and three seed business units at Intel with 20+ years of management and R&D experience at Intel, HP/Agilent and Motorola. Has been a strong advocate for applying nanotechnologies to solve biological problems.

HO, Chi Yip (BS, Concordia University; PhD in Biochemistry, University of British Columbia)

– Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Early adopter of fore-front high-throughput genomics analysis for two decades with 15+ years of R&D experience as director of high-throughput genomics at Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto/NGS lab at University of Chicago. Led the first Canadian research team to re-sequence the SARS virus.

WONG, Ka Wai (BS, MPhil, PhD in Chemistry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

– Co-founder, VP of Research and Development

Co-founded two hi-tech startups. Has 15+ years of experience as key technology provider and a seasoned research achievement with around 100 internationally refereed journal papers and 14 patents granted.


– 科学顾问委员会成员

谭荣安教授是达雅高生物科技有限公司的创办人及董事会主席。谭教授在生物化学丶分子生物学及遗传学等范畴拥有超过三十年的教学及研究经验,具有领先地位。谭教授曾任加州大学旧金山医学院(University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine),贝勒医学院(Baylor College of Medicine) 和奥古斯塔大学医学院(Medical College of Georgia)客座教授,美国国家卫生研究所科学家,香港大学生物医学学院荣誉副教授。谭教授亦是香港生物化学协会的始创人及会长。



Board of Directors

Strategic Partners

  • The Microfabrication and Exploratory Nanotechnology (MeN) Group of International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)
  • Professor LEE, Ji Ung (SUNY Polytechnic Institute)
  • Professor SHAW, Pang Chui (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Professor TSANG, Stephen (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Professor YAM, Chi Yung (Beijing Computational Science Research Center)
will be announced soon…

Professor YAM, Chi Yung (Beijing Computational Science Research Center)

Being a team leader, Prof. Yam leads a capable research to investigate charge transport characteristics and phenomena using various modeling and simulation methods, such as multi-scale modeling, quantum mechanical simulation and molecular dynamics. He works with Genvida to investigate the subtle and complex translocation phenomenon through different nanopore configurations.

Strategic Partners

Professor TSANG, Stephen
(City University of Hong Kong)

Prof. Tsang is currently the Associate Professor in Department of Materials Science and Engineering in City University of Hong Kong, leading a research team on organic and nano electronics. He is a renowned expert in novel nano electronic devices and advanced characterization of electronic processes in organic and nano materials. He collaborates with Genvida to develop novel measurement techniques to collect and analyze the electrical and electronic signals induced by DNA translocation through nanopore.